From Then To Now

This is the world that I am living in. Right from the birth to this age, all seems a dream now. When I used to cry, smile, sleep on my mother’s lap. Now when I have come to this turn, all the years I have lived have seemed to turn so drastically that sometime, I find it difficult to find myself- What have I been and what I have become !

Remember the days when I used to run on the green grasses, fall down, cry hard and my mother used to pick me up. My smile was my mother’s world, her dreams come true and so it is mine now. It has become that tight road for me, where I have to struggle a lot to make my way out. Sometimes walking, sometimes running, its been quite tiresome when you come to realize the actual world. When I look outside, I see some kids running which again takes me back to my child in me. May those memories remain shielded and whenever I remember those, they make me smile.


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